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August 01 2020


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* * * Automobile Driving Museum date change. Was Aug. 22nd is Aug. 15th. * * *

Celebrating 40 years of the Running Horse, The 2000's

Courtesy of Tim Belfield


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Take a look at the 1980's and 1990's

Sponsored by:
Galpin Ford Dealer

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2020 Dinner Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The scheduled speakers are as follows.

Jan. 15, Harold Taylor, retired CHP with videos and stories
Feb. 19, Sean Blank, Mobile Mechanical Auto Repair March 18,
Apr. 15,
May 20,
June 17 Meeting is happening at Rosie's, 50 Members Max.
Speaker is Jose Garcia,
Retail Marketing Manage at Galpin Ford.

July 15

Craigs Presentation
(Sorry, audio is not good.)

Aug. 19

Zoom Meeting from Jim Duthler's house with story about his Mustang.

Sep. 16

Zoom Meeting from Fred Reiner's house with story about his Mustang.

Oct. 21

Zoom Meeting from Tim Belfied's house with story about his Mustang.

Nov. 18

Zoom Meeting from Louis Gardner's house with story about her Mustang.

Dec. 16 Any one like to host a Zoom Meeting and tell the story of your Mustang?