Mustang Owners Club of California


What is Project Angel?



Project Angel is a yearly program of donations and volunteering in which we, as a car club have the opportunity to reach out and help a family during the Holidays. 


This year rather than helping just one family we are in contact with the Vet 4 Veterans organization in the Antelope Valley who has purchased a house to be used as a temporary home for service families in need of help to get them get back on their feet. We are asking for help from all MOCC members and associates to provide this new home with some basic needs, both financial and basic gifts of almost anything extra in your house that could be used in a new home.  These will stay with this home for future Vets to use. 


If you wish to make a financial donation and can not make it to a monthly dinner meeting, please use the Donation button on the home page.  We have set up a PayPal account just for this purpose.


If you have something you would like to donate, contact Tina at 818-517-8796.